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Renewable Scotland

The recently published CCC (Committee on Climate Change) renewable energy review states that by 2030, the UK could have 45% of the energy mix being renewables.

This is good news for the energy industry in Scotland, since  Scottish Hydro, Marine, Wind and Solar energy are all likely to benefit. I’m not sure solar will ever be a big source of renewable given the sometimes absent sunshine here, but waves, wind and water are all things in plentiful supply.

The future could be a very exciting place, and with the government’s continued support of renewables we could concievably enter 2030 with an even higher renewables percentage mix.

One thing to take into account here is that technology speeds up the further it goes – mannkind went an eternity without flight, and then within 70 years of mastering flight had also ventured into space – and the implication here for renewables is that they could reach critical mass and become ever greater parts of the mix. Scotland is one of the countries at the forefront of wind power – and it’s a windy place too a lot of the time. Investement in these areas must be an ever safer bet for the money men.

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Scottish Govermnent £600m Green Energy Investment

News from Scotland that the Government has announced that it will be investing £600m in ‘green’ electricity in what is being termed as the biggest power supply contract in Scottish history.

Of the ‘big six’ energy companies that were involved in the tendering process,  Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern Energy won a share of the contracts that were available. Scottish Power will supply power to major public buildings within Scotland, and SSE will supply metered council housing with green electricity.

Both companies have insisted that the energy for these projects will be produced from 100% Scottish renewable sources.

Scotland is seeking to cut emissions by 80% before 2050.

Glendoe Power Station

Scottish and Southern Energy will generate its power from its big new hydro project at Glendoe to supply its side of the energy deal.

The 100MW capacity Glendoe power station, built adjacent to Loch Ness, is the first conventional hydro-electric pwer station to be built for 50 years. The SSE contract also provides access to low carbon and renewable technologies such as combined heat and power, solar and biomass.

Scottish Government Finance minister John Swinney outlined the main principles behind the deal:

On top of saving money this contract will create a greener Scotland. The public sector needs to show leadership if we are to achieve the ambitions of our Climate Change Bill.

The contracts will help public bodies address emissions from energy use through a range of energy efficiency measures, access to renewable generation sources and opportunities to sell green electricity back to the Grid. The vast majority of public bodies have recognised these benefits and have signed up to this deal.

Is this deal good for Scotlands energy future? Please let us know your opinions…………

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UK Green Power Expansion

The UK government have finally announced the details of their commitment to renewable energy. Whether or not these targets are attainable is another matter. However, from our point of view, any focus at all on this issue is to be welcomed. If this can be the start of the green energy revolution then hopefully in the future we will power our homes with cheap electricity and gas from clean sources.

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