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2009 Energy Saving and Recyling Tips

2009 is only a few days old and if (like us) you are already thinking of ways to reduce the pain of new year bills then there are a few great recycling ideas you can try out. Re-purposing and recycling are simple methods of reducing your carbon footprint, and who knows, trying it out for this month might save you so much that it will become part of your routine.

Here’s a few basic tips that we would implement, any other suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.

  • Recycle your old Christmas Tree!
  • Reuse or repurpose your old packaging – use old margarine tubs and bottles creatively
  • Try to limit buying products with excessive packaging volume
  • A little bit of DIY can save alot – repairing than than chucking out any items is the way to go
  • Reduce wastage by planning meals carefully
  • Reusable plastic shopping bags are becoming the common sense option now
  • Find a cheap electricity or gas tariff, preferably renewables sourced
  • Many UK Local authorities have recycling programmes in place and can recycle many different types of goods – if you don’t have a local collection check where your nearest recycling centre is
  • Dont be ashamed of buying second-hand products
  • Buy products made from recycled materials when possible
  • Get rid of any unwanted clothes, electrical goods, books and much more by selling them or donating to the local charity shops

Happy new year!

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