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Solar energy in the UK

There used to be a perception that solar power maybe wasn’t the brightest idea for the UK given that – compared to Spain, Australia and quite a few other places too – we don’t exactly get the lion’s share of balmy days when even the the pavement’s scorching and all the mercury can do is race its way to the top of the thermometer.

However, the relationship between hot weather and solar panels doesn’t actually matter – since it’s light that allows solar panels to produce electrical power, not heat. And on top of this, you don’t need a cloudless day for a photovoltaic system to work. This is because while direct sunlight is obviously an optimum condition for energy production, there’s still light on days when there’s cloud cover. This more diffused type light will still be of use – it’s just that not quite so much electricity will be produced.

And, of course, given that photovoltaics are gaining in popularity worldwide, the actual panels themselves are more efficient than back in the days when they were a bit more of an unusual thing to see in a domestic setting than they are now.

This week Wrexham Council in Wales completed installing a large number of solar panels on homes in the area – 3000 to be precise. The combined positive effect of these on the environment will over time be a significant contribution to green energy in the UK – and will also help save some money too.

If you’re interested in what solar panels can do for you, there’s some good information available online – click here for the lowdown on cost and a guide to potential savings and income from installing a PV system.

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Kites exploiting high-altitude winds

Alternative Green Gas and Electricity Resources

Energy Flying kite

Energy Flying kite

Knowing that oil reserves are fast running out it seems that the penny has finally dropped with leaders of the world who are now scrambling around for alternative energy resources. With the practical ideas like wind farms and hydro damns leading the way there is a lot of impractical and odd ideas flirting around with investors who think that some of these ideas might just be the way forward in the future. One of these wacky ideas is kites flying above New York City utilizing the near constant wind power that swirls around the state. This is just one of the wacky ideas and not only is these designs meant to reduce our carbon footprint; they are also being designed so that residents can benefit from greener and cheaper energy and could see the price of their utility bill fall, Cheap Gas and Electricity bills all year round for all.

Scientist have done some research into this and the plan is to capture high altitude winds that if done properly could supply the world’s energy needs 100 times over. The research suggests that the best places on earth to harvest high altitude wind power would be the eastern United States and East Asia.

A lot of questions still need to be answered on this alternative energy source, one popular question being is how will it affect air travel when there is massive kites flying at 30,000ft? Although this sounds like something from a Sci-Fi film it is actually being seriously looked at and a lot of investment has already went into researching this idea!

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Ecotricity Award


Europe’s largest ever green electricity business “Ecotricity” has won a well deserved environmental achievement award.  The company set up in 1996 in Gloucestershire founded the green electricity market. Firstly set up to provide market places with environmental friendly electricity by Dale Vince.

Later on in 2009 Ecotricity will be rolled out to domestic customers who can join in on the environmentally friendly energy with some such company’s such as Thames Water, The Millennium Dome and The co-Operative bank.

In the last four years Ecotricity has went from a turnover of around £13000 to £50,000,000, most people are led to believe that many green electricity products and services are more costly and in many cases they are, but here at Ecotricity we succeed in challenging this issue.

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Alternative Energy Investments

alternative energyWith the alternative energy industry now reaching an annual turnover over of $9.2 billion pounds it is pretty easy to understand why the modern day investers are filling up their portfolios with energy stock investments. The long term growth of these investments is pretty good looking as we sail in to the 21 century.
It is true to say that if you where to invest in a new start-up green electricity company you could be investing in the Apple Mac or Google of our generation in terms of return in investment, people are getting fed up with rising fuel costs and by investing in these new alternative energy sources you would be acting as a market maker for the people who want to be receiving more green electricity and paying less on their energy bills.

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Green Energy with Wind Farms

Wind power rules

Win farm

Win farm

Once again our topic of the day is wind power, with the threat of global warming getting realer every day there is more and more and pressure being put on our governments who in return are looking for new ideas and putting pressure on the bigger countries who seem to think they will be immune to the global problem.
The UK is heading in the right direction and once again are leading the industrialiazed world by creating more and more green electricity than ever before, with more find farms getting approval and are making a bigger percentage of the energy we use week by week, With the strong winds that blow across our Kingdom we will never need any other source if we can tap into it and capture the energy it brings with it, Wind farms is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world at the moment and is getting bigger by the day, The next step is building the off shore wind farms that you would have been hearing about over the last year or two, With the new found technology being used in the turbines they are not only producing green energy but are also doing it at competitive prices against the traditional energy sources like coal and nuclear power stations.

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Debunking Green Power Myths

Ten Technologies to Save the Planet‘ author Chris Goodall posted an excellent article in his Guardian Blog last week. Titled ‘The 10 big energy myths‘, Goodall tackles each ‘myth’ with his usual degree of insight and provides compelling reasons to debunk each. The ten myths that he focussed on are:

  1. Solar power is too expensive to be of much use
  2. Wind power is too unreliable
  3. Marine energy is a dead-end
  4. Nuclear power is cheaper than other low-carbon sources of electricity
  5. Electric cars are slow and ugly
  6. Biofuels are always destructive to the environment
  7. Climate change means we need more organic agriculture
  8. Zero carbon homes are the best way of dealing with greenhouse gas emissions from buildings
  9. The most efficient power stations are big
  10. All proposed solutions to climate change need to be hi-tech

The article is a very refreshing read. It is great to have someone as eloquent as Goodall fighting for the green energy cause. Enjoy.

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Is Green Electricity Worth It?

We’ve recently came across this extremely cynical post on green electricity from Fred Pearce over at The Guardian. He slaughters the majority of the UK biggest energy suppliers, claiming that the green and clean electricity and gas tariffs that they offer are nothing more than a smokescreen.

We tend to feel that in some cases Mr Pearce may indeed have a point. However, you cannot possibly blame green conscious consumers for signing up to these tariffs – many of them will have no idea as to the technical aspects of the energy generation process. They simply wish to lower their carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

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Green Power on the rise

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Hi-Yep it is good to see that big business is recognising that by going green it does not necessarily follow that profits will suffer. They are finally beginning to realise that they could capitalise on the rise of ‘Green Consciousness’ amongst the UK population, and if thats the case then it should bode well for the environment.

Indeed, it is encouraging to see Scottish Hydro Electric implementing what they call their ‘better plan‘, which sounds like an excellent scheme to induce households accross the UK into increasing their day to day energy efficiency (100% hydro-electricity offered).

However, there is still a long road ahead as according to Statistics Estonia, although electricity generation from Renewables is increasing steadily (+7.5% from 2005-2006), the overall percentage of UK electricity generated in 2006 was only 4.6% – this is comapred to Germany (10.5%), France (11.3%), Sweden (54.3%), Austria (57.4%) and Norway (108.4%!).

More information on UK energy available here.

So, hopefully now the green energy momentum is staring to build in both the business sector and in the case of individual households we can look forward to closing the gap on the rest of Europe.

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Going green makes good business sense

Renewable electricity is not just a fashion trend it’s here to stay. Business are encouraged to go green by government.

Governments across the world have been urging businesses to lead the way in the green revolution, so far the larger companies particularly ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury etc., have been slightly more proactive in this step than smaller business this is because it is perceived that ‘going green’ means costing money. Experts are starting to show this is not true and that is can actually be cost effective to go green.

Dr Martin Gibson, director of Envirowise states that companies “who take action for the first time can identify savings of up to £250 per employee in office-based companies – or as much as £1,000 per employee for manufacturers.”(BBC, 2007). This makes renewable energy and green electricity an affordable and cost effective way to run a business.

There are a few energy companies that offer green electricity being one; however Scottish Southern Electric offering a fix rate tariff on green electricity. In the current market conditions this is another great example of how a business can cost effectively stay green, by using green electricity.

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