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Business Fleets Encouraged to Go Green

Is ‘going green’ still too expensive?

Encouraging businesses to green their fleet vehicles and persuading them that it needn’t be an expensive exercise has proved problematic in recent years. However, with the advent of increasingly advanced green-tech in cars, combined with more appealing designs – this thought process is beginning to change.

Couple this with announcements from Chancellor George Osbourne at the last budget, businesses now have little choice but to begin to take the emissions levels of their fleets seriously.

Indeed, as leading UK fleet management system supplier Fleet Alliance reports, it is now much more common to witness larger firms and public sector bodies making serious efforts to ensure that their fleets are more environmentally friendly.

Anyway, to go back to the budget. In the last UK Government budget, the Chancellor underlined the government commitment to lower carbon vehicles, by reducing the CO2 emission thresholds – with higher tax levels for those vehicles that do not match these levels. The full list of levels can be seen in this PDF file.

This Fleet News article provides more detail on the levels now restricted:

From April 2013, the carbon dioxide emissions threshold for the main rate of capital allowances for business cars will reduce from 160g/km to 130g/km.

The threshold above which the lease rental restriction applies will also reduce from 160g/km to 130g/km.

Of course, this means that many fleets will be looking to transition this vehicles with this level of emissions.

With approximately 25 % of the total UK carbon emissions attributed to transportation, do you feel that these levels are low enough to make a dent?

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