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IEA warns of huge cost for energy ‘revolution’

Climate Change Is Needed Now

Climate Change

The IEA has warned everyone to brace themselves for the biggest energy revolution the world has ever seen.  The economic crises gives us and the electricity suppliers the opportunity to make things right in the world by spearheading  a worldwide low carbon energy surge that will fight global warming and ensure we have enough energy supplies around the globe.

A Very little amount of people actually realize the size of the tasks we face in the next few decades to tackle global warming whilst still supplying the energy that we have become so reliant on over the last 100 years.

The International Energy Agency said:“But it can and must be met,” it said. “The time to act has arrived.”

The reality of the damages that climate change “will” cause is starting to became clear, yet while everyone is making a lot of noises about it and setting targets the question has to be asked: Are we doing enough? We all know the answer to that is no, but countries who laughed at the idea 10 years ago (including the United States of America) are starting to come round and year by year we have more and more countries signing up to agreements to reduce our carbon footprint.

Just next month (December 2009) the landmark international Conference will be held in Copenhagen. The IEA is expected to tell the top 30 industrialized countries that they along with the rest of the planet will face dire consequences if they continue with their current policies on energy and climate change.

Change is needed, and now.

Read and rewritten byGavin Boyd with his own views added.

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Antartica and Global Warming

melting ice capsIt has been reported by British researchers that the Antarctica is melting faster than previously thought and it looks like there is evidence to back it up. It looks like the first estimates of rising sea levels due to global warming were under-estimated.

It is now estimated that in the last 50 years there has been around 13,000 square kilometers of sea ice has melted.
The glaziers are now moving towards the sea at an alarming 6 times faster than before and the western side of Antarctica is showing evidence being eroded from underneath by the warm currents from the sea. It has been estimated the sea levels will rise by about 4in by the turn of this century causing havoc across the globe.

The current increase of yearly sea levels stands at around 2mm at the moment, we know that we need to try and combat global warming by whatever means possible but it is still not known and probably never will be if this is a natural process or the result or our industrialization over the last 300 years.

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