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Energy companies on Twitter

Now that internet technology everywhere because of smartphones, it means that the way we interact with the people in our lives in a much more sophisticated way than we used to – prior to smartphones,  texts replaced phone calls in a lot of instances – why call to say you’ll be late when you can text, for instance – and now there are newer platforms for human interaction such as Twitter – I even had a colleague once post on Twitter that his train was delayed so he’d be in the office later than usual – it’s an instant and (reasonably) reliable form of communication.

Lately a lot of companies have started using Twitter to interact with customers – some of the time it’s used by firms as purely a promotional device, whereas others use it for more customer care/ customer services type of communications. I’ve even used Twitter myself once – to ask the cable TV company something about the T&Cs on their contracts – got an answer immediately and all was good.

Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of energy companies on Twitter, not just in the UK but around the world. As a Twitter user I think this is useful because due to the way Twitter works, all I’ll recieve in my news feed is what the info the compnay is putting out there for everybody – but at the same time they can communicate with people individually e.g. if there’s an issue with a meter reading or whatever. So, Mrs X of Swansea can contact the company and they can answer her, but the only thing my Twitter will show is that there’s a promotion happening or some energy news.

Twitter – do you think it’s going to play a part in green energy?

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Christmas and energy use

It’s not quite festive season yet, although judging by the shops you’d think it was the middle of December.

The winter is a big time for the UK economy – some retailers existence more or less depends on the extra business they get at this time of year. Energy companies also do a fair bit of business on the cold weather. They can also advise on how to make the most of your energy and ensure that as little as possible goes to waste. Things like making sure you have the right insulation and so on.

It would also be worthwhile thinking about how to have as green a Christmas as possible. Try and work out how much Christmas food you’re actually going to eat – when I was growing up every household always had a turkey the size of a hatchback car, which must have taken a lot of energy to cook, then most of it sat in the fridge for days afterwards, the remainder getting used in sandwiches, soup, curry and so on. By buying a smaller bird, or even a turkey crown, there’s less cooking time, and less waste all round.

Other ways to save energy at Christmas – try and do as much shopping online as you can – this saves driving into town, and it also saves you the stress of fighting your way through the shops and having to listen to the same Chrismas tunes being piped over the pa.a system.

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