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Are friends electric? No but cars are…


Well, today’s the day. It might even go down in history. The first mass market electric car has hit or shores.

Be excited, be very excited – this is the start of an automotive revolution. No question about that. We may once have predicted or fantasised a 2011 where we all went about on jetpacks or personal hovercraft, but realistically the electric car is more useful than either of those.

One day it may be that cars run on water but for the time being zero tailgate emission electric cars are gonna rule.

Scottish power gas (I mean electricity and north sea gas, not petrol obvs) companies who offer their customers smart meters or monitors are likely to see some changes in household energy use as the car gets plugged in at night. It will be a whole new world.

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Electric Nissan – car of the year!

So, the Nissan Leaf has won car of the year. Not all that long to go now until it hits the UK streets. release date is March. Will you be buying one? As I’ve said before (possibly) I’m fully committed to buying one as long as my lottery numbers come up on Saturday night.

What I’m wondering is when the cars are on the road in the UK, will Electricity companies notice a difference in terms of electricity patterns of consumption, and – further down the line, this – when electric cars are the norm, will the national grid have to to make changes to cope with the demand?

When I was young, this was the only electric car on sale!

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