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Antartica and Global Warming

melting ice capsIt has been reported by British researchers that the Antarctica is melting faster than previously thought and it looks like there is evidence to back it up. It looks like the first estimates of rising sea levels due to global warming were under-estimated.

It is now estimated that in the last 50 years there has been around 13,000 square kilometers of sea ice has melted.
The glaziers are now moving towards the sea at an alarming 6 times faster than before and the western side of Antarctica is showing evidence being eroded from underneath by the warm currents from the sea. It has been estimated the sea levels will rise by about 4in by the turn of this century causing havoc across the globe.

The current increase of yearly sea levels stands at around 2mm at the moment, we know that we need to try and combat global warming by whatever means possible but it is still not known and probably never will be if this is a natural process or the result or our industrialization over the last 300 years.

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Domestic Gas Appliances can they ever be Green?

As i turned on my gas hob last night I had a quick thought – is this a green way to cook? Coal and gas powered electricity churns out tonne after tonne of CO2 and other environmentally unfriendly toxins into the air. If I stop using my gas hobs and moved to electricity – I already get 100% of my electricity from renewable sources would this be better for the environment.

How much Carbon Dioxide do UK hobs generate?

Over at the University of Bristol they have a table suggesting that the use of gas hobs and electric hobs is the same in the UK – with each using around 3.364 Twh (where a Terrawatt hour is equivalent to 1,000,000,000 KwH). Instantly I was thinking if we all ditch the gas – which damages the environment more than green electricity does – the country would save the CO2 on the 3.364 TwH of Gas.

After a quick look in Google – and avoiding the wikipedia like the plague. The world nuclear assosciation, it was the best source I could find, stated that CO2 emmissions from gas is about 356 grams per kWh. So thats 3.364 TwH of CO2 = 3,364,000,000 kWh X 0.356 kilograms of CO2 = 1,197,584,000 kilograms (1.2 million tonnnes) of CO2 less being emitted by the UK.

There would of course be the CO2 emitted from the greener electricity plants, I’m not naive enough to think that Green Electricity is CO2 free, but I think that should be a healthy whack off the CO2 emissions in the UK – that gotta help us meet our CO2 targets from the EU.

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