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Boiler Scandal

It sometimes seems as if the the whole world has gone mental. We were all shocked and outraged at the amount of money being claimed by MPs amd for such everyday things which we have to pay for out of own pockets. And of course years later the stories are still coming out.

Just this morning I was reading about how yet another is being investigated this time for irregularities around her central heating claims. The MP in question, Margaret Moran of the Labour Party, in 1997 submitted a claim for £14,805 for emergency boiler replacement work done to one of her houses in Southampton.

Upon further investigation it turned up that household did not belong to the MP, but to the MP’s partner, and her name was not attached to the title deeds until the middle of 2008, This was not the only problem to come up with her claims but I just wanted to show how the link with central heating, it’s like six degrees of separation round here sometimes

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Boiler Scrappage Scheme Closes, Discounts Available Elsewhere

Boiler Scrappage ends, will it return?

Apologies for missing the end date on this, but it appears that the government boiler scrappage scheme has closed after 125,000 vouchers being handed out in three months – good luck to those who managed to get a shiny new, energy efficient boiler! If you missed the scheme do not despair as the energy companies are continuing to offer their own deals, i.e. SSE Home Services gas boiler scrappage scheme, so there are still some savings to be made. Elsewhere in the country, SWALEC in Wales has its own scheme in place from April the 1st and Scotland is set to get its own boiler scrappage scheme, but an exact start date is proving a little elusive.

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