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EU Green Energy Q and A

Required Reading – BBC/Channel 4 Green Energy Q&A – EU Energy Policy

The complexities of EU bureaucracy can be difficult for anyone to comprehend, particularly when it comes to the issue of climate change. Thankfully, good old Auntie Beeb and Channel 4 have recently published excellent Q&A pages regarding the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). I have struggled with the comncept of this scheme for ages – therefore it was interesting to have it clarified by these two sources. Many of the issues regarding the function of the ETS are covered, including:

  • What is the ETS?
  • How will the ETS develop?
  • Is the ETS working?
  • What is carbon capture?
  • What about CO2 emissions not covered by the ETS?
  • What are carbon offsets?
  • What role does the EU envisage for renewables?

Included in the BBC report are EEA Graphs which detail the scale of the task ahead for the new UK Deptartment of Energy and Climate Change. Due to starting from a low initial renewable energy base, the UK has to increase its capacity more than any country in th EU in order to meet the EU 20% renewable energy target by 2020. Good luck, Mr Milliband.

UK Energy - Sobering Graph

UK Energy - Sobering Graph

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