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The History of Energy

This is a great infographic I found from the Discovery Channel on the history of energy and it’s use throughout Europe. You can click the image to head to the original source of the infogrpahic

The History of Energy

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Green Prince of Wales

HRH The Prince of Wales has always been consistent in his environmental beliefs, setting up his organic foods company a good decade before the bandwagon really got rolling, and always being outspoken regarding his beliefs.

So it’s no surprise that Prince Charles is to undertake a tour of the UK to promote sustainable living. The tour starts in Glasgow, with Charles making the trip in the bio-fuelled royal train.

With many major companies including supermarkets, car manufacturers, electricity suppliers and transport providers striving to be as green as possible, it looks like Prince Charles’s job on this tour will be easier than ot would have been, say 20 years ago when he founded Duchy Originals.

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Green Jedi

Great post over at Enviralment entitled “5 Lessons On Going Green From Jedi Master Yoda” – which, as you’ve probbaly guessed, is a few Yoda axioms applied to green living. Great stuff – have a read.

“A powerfull ally it is, its energy surrounds us, binds

us, luminous being we are, not this crude matter”

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Learing about energy

One of the best things about the Green Energy topic is that theres always something of interest to read. There is a constant stream of news and opinion out there in the mainstream news and more niche blogs and websites.

For enthusiasts of the subject who may wish to dig a little deeper (we like to count ourselves in here) truly great reading material can be found within the Academic Community: for example this great post by Josh Winn at the University of Lincoln on Oil and the story of energy. There is also a great deal of excellent video content out there, the Open University has a guide to some of the best out there. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about our friends across the pond where a huge academic network exists.

In order to find these sites, simply perform some smart Google searches, ie: “green energy”” and you should get some interesting results.

Happy learning, and please let us know what your favourite energy learning resource is!

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