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Simple Steps to a Greener You!

Small Changes You can Make for a Greener Future

As the world becomes a more environmentally and ecologically challenged place more people are now questioning what they can do to make themselves more green.  What changes can they make so that they can help make an impact on the environment?  Allow us to help; we have put together this list so that it can help you make some small changes that can make a big difference.

Change Your Energy Tariff

Many companies now offer a green tariff and aligning yourself with one of these companies will help you make a difference to the environment.  There are many UK energy companies that you can choose from and sites such as USwitch which can help you choose the one that you feel will most benefit you and the environment.

The image above shows a search I completed for my property by entering all my details such as my energy spend per month, where I live and I can sort out my results by price or service rating.  It then allows me to see what the key features are for each tariff and how much Co2 can be reduced from previous tariffs.

Mending Broken Appliances

Broken appliances can be a drain on the pocket.  Machines such as tumble dryers, dishwashers and fridge freezers can impact your bills when working properly but if they are faulty then this can have a further impact.  Getting an appliance engineer in is useful as they will be able to mend any issues that the appliance has and will save you money and help the environment by using less energy.  Also where possible use AAA rating products as they are most efficient.

Switch Light bulbs

Not all changes have to be massive.  By changing your homes light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs you could potentially save as much as £20 per month – or £60 a quarter.  Whilst helping your pocket these will also omit less Co2 and help the environment too.

Reducing Food Waste

Food wastage is quite a large issue and one that most people could hold their hands up to.  When families buy too much food and it then goes off then this waste generally ends up in the bin and then a landfill site.  Large amounts of food wastage produce a large amount of methane gas when deposited on these sites and this is a harmful greenhouse gas.  Planning meals for the week and eating food before a sell by date can help temper this problem.

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Are friends electric? No but cars are…


Well, today’s the day. It might even go down in history. The first mass market electric car has hit or shores.

Be excited, be very excited – this is the start of an automotive revolution. No question about that. We may once have predicted or fantasised a 2011 where we all went about on jetpacks or personal hovercraft, but realistically the electric car is more useful than either of those.

One day it may be that cars run on water but for the time being zero tailgate emission electric cars are gonna rule.

Scottish power gas (I mean electricity and north sea gas, not petrol obvs) companies who offer their customers smart meters or monitors are likely to see some changes in household energy use as the car gets plugged in at night. It will be a whole new world.

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Green Prince of Wales

HRH The Prince of Wales has always been consistent in his environmental beliefs, setting up his organic foods company a good decade before the bandwagon really got rolling, and always being outspoken regarding his beliefs.

So it’s no surprise that Prince Charles is to undertake a tour of the UK to promote sustainable living. The tour starts in Glasgow, with Charles making the trip in the bio-fuelled royal train.

With many major companies including supermarkets, car manufacturers, electricity suppliers and transport providers striving to be as green as possible, it looks like Prince Charles’s job on this tour will be easier than ot would have been, say 20 years ago when he founded Duchy Originals.

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Sustainability watchdog muzzled…?

Some less than great news in the forom of inevitable government cutbacks – no more funding for the Sustainable Development Commission, according to BBC News.

The government understandably needs to reduce the deficit, but they also need to reduce carbon output, so will the decision have an adverse effect on the environment. Given the promises that it was going to be ‘the greenest government ever’, one would certainly hope not.

I just hope any bonfire of the quangos doesn’t cause so much smoke to get in the government’s eyes that they can’t see in front of them.

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Green Gates

It looks like Bill Gates – someone whose entire fortune is based on the ability to see into the future – has been thinking Green lately.

In this report from the US, Bill asks perhaps the biggest energy  question of the millennium so far:

‘Can the energy sector finance its own revolution and create … great R&D jobs here in America?’

With the errr… you know what in the news constantly over the past few weeks, I’m sure Gates isn’t alone in wondering what the best way forward for the energy sector is. And while Gates wasn’t explicit about the details, it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to get the gist of what his thinking is:

‘[energy] that is both cheaper, not dependent on foreign supply and is environmentally designed so that we’re not emitting carbon and getting into the climate change problem’

Big voices like Gates’ calling for a step-change in energy production may be a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is surely here for the long term. It’s not surprising that the USA is the world’s biggest oil user, so  it is a good thing that diaogue is beginning in terms of how to produce energy from renewable sources.

Here in the UK, steps are being made towards a greater mix of renewables on the road to green energy provision, and if the green energy sector continues to expand and provides jobs, everyone’s a winner.

Gates: Green Vision?

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Boiler Scrappage Scheme Closes, Discounts Available Elsewhere

Boiler Scrappage ends, will it return?

Apologies for missing the end date on this, but it appears that the government boiler scrappage scheme has closed after 125,000 vouchers being handed out in three months – good luck to those who managed to get a shiny new, energy efficient boiler! If you missed the scheme do not despair as the energy companies are continuing to offer their own deals, i.e. SSE Home Services gas boiler scrappage scheme, so there are still some savings to be made. Elsewhere in the country, SWALEC in Wales has its own scheme in place from April the 1st and Scotland is set to get its own boiler scrappage scheme, but an exact start date is proving a little elusive.

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Energy Firms Get Behind 10:10

10:10 - Can you take 10% of your carbon emissions?

10:10 - Can you take 10% of your carbon emissions?

Homes and Businesses urged to cut their carbon emissions by 10%

A new initiative by the people behind The Age of Stupid has been launched last week with the aim of getting as many homes, schools, universities, business and everything in-between to sign up and commit to reducing their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010 (hence the 10:10). Four of the ‘big 6’ of major UK energy companies have signed up (Centria, EDF, E.ON and Scottish and Southern – see the Scottish Hydro 10:10 project page here) already, and are pledging to introduce measures to assist homes and businesses meet this target in 2010, including energy use tracking equipment.

It’s not only large companies who are signing up though, a whole host of other organisations have already pledged their support, whilst individual members of the public can enroll themselves.

You can find out more information of the project on the 10:10 website.

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Elegant Green Energy Solution from a 15 Year-Old

Think back to what you were doing at the age of 15 ………… if you’re anything like us then you were at High School, struggling to grasp basic scientific and mathematical concepts, maybe playing some sports after school and at the weekend………

We’re willing to bet that you probably weren’t inventing in a complete Algae based green energy system.

Well, that’s what young Javier Fernández-Han from Houston, Texas has done. He won the Ashoka ‘Invent Your World Challenge’ with his algae energy system, named VERSATILE. Master Javier’s system incorporates 12 technologies in six subsystems. Each system can treat waste, produce methane and bio-fuel, and is a source of livestock and human food production. It also produces oxygen and sequesters greenhouse gases, and can also be a source of income.

Read the full details of Javiers amazing system over at Cleantechnica.

Here is a slide show featuring Javier and some of the other winners from the Ashoka challenge.

Inspirational stuff, we think you’ll agree…………

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Antartica and Global Warming

melting ice capsIt has been reported by British researchers that the Antarctica is melting faster than previously thought and it looks like there is evidence to back it up. It looks like the first estimates of rising sea levels due to global warming were under-estimated.

It is now estimated that in the last 50 years there has been around 13,000 square kilometers of sea ice has melted.
The glaziers are now moving towards the sea at an alarming 6 times faster than before and the western side of Antarctica is showing evidence being eroded from underneath by the warm currents from the sea. It has been estimated the sea levels will rise by about 4in by the turn of this century causing havoc across the globe.

The current increase of yearly sea levels stands at around 2mm at the moment, we know that we need to try and combat global warming by whatever means possible but it is still not known and probably never will be if this is a natural process or the result or our industrialization over the last 300 years.

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Is Nuclear Power Safe?

Is Nuclear Power Safe? Vote Now.

The biggest question of our generation is – are nuclear power stations safe? Nuclear power is most dangerous thing man has ever created; Using it to create power has been a long standing argument ever since it was created – and no wonder people where and still are scared of it, the first time most people would have heard of nuclear power was when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the destruction that caused was unprecedented and would be enough for anyone to be worried, The problem is that if it goes wrong then what, thankfully it has only ever happened once in Chernobyl but I think you would agree that once is too much, In my honest opinion I don’t have a problem with nuclear power stations as I don’t think our scientists and chiefs at our power stations would ever experiment the way that the they apparently did in the lead up to the explosion, I don’t think that would be an issue, our biggest threat to our power stations today is the threat of terrorists but I have total trust in our security forces to prevent that from happening, I think nuclear power is safe but I would much rather have greener energy powering our nation.

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