Simple Steps to a Greener You!

Small Changes You can Make for a Greener Future

As the world becomes a more environmentally and ecologically challenged place more people are now questioning what they can do to make themselves more green.  What changes can they make so that they can help make an impact on the environment?  Allow us to help; we have put together this list so that it can help you make some small changes that can make a big difference.

Change Your Energy Tariff

Many companies now offer a green tariff and aligning yourself with one of these companies will help you make a difference to the environment.  There are many UK energy companies that you can choose from and sites such as USwitch which can help you choose the one that you feel will most benefit you and the environment.

The image above shows a search I completed for my property by entering all my details such as my energy spend per month, where I live and I can sort out my results by price or service rating.  It then allows me to see what the key features are for each tariff and how much Co2 can be reduced from previous tariffs.

Mending Broken Appliances

Broken appliances can be a drain on the pocket.  Machines such as tumble dryers, dishwashers and fridge freezers can impact your bills when working properly but if they are faulty then this can have a further impact.  Getting an appliance engineer in is useful as they will be able to mend any issues that the appliance has and will save you money and help the environment by using less energy.  Also where possible use AAA rating products as they are most efficient.

Switch Light bulbs

Not all changes have to be massive.  By changing your homes light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs you could potentially save as much as £20 per month – or £60 a quarter.  Whilst helping your pocket these will also omit less Co2 and help the environment too.

Reducing Food Waste

Food wastage is quite a large issue and one that most people could hold their hands up to.  When families buy too much food and it then goes off then this waste generally ends up in the bin and then a landfill site.  Large amounts of food wastage produce a large amount of methane gas when deposited on these sites and this is a harmful greenhouse gas.  Planning meals for the week and eating food before a sell by date can help temper this problem.

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