Electricity pricing factors for business

Are you a business owner wondering how to keep electricity bills down? Then you might be interested in an article which popped up in The Independent today, regarding factors that affect electricity. In fact, included basics that every business owner should know – so you can keep bills down and decide when it’s the right time to switch or not.

The first tips obviously regarded usage and size – and we all know that if we use a vast amount of electricity in a big property we’re going to be charged more. It sounds straight forward, but it can be tempting to take a bigger office for a good price only to discover that energy bills are through the roof.

The other tips involved the type of tariff your business is on – if a company switches property it automatically switches to a ‘demand rate’ even if you have been there for a considerable amount of time and it’s up to the business owner to get in touch to change this rate. However, many suppliers offer great deals for businesses, so it’s worth hunting around for a good deal.

Your office is probably no stranger to the guidelines surrounding energy efficiency, but it’s worthwhile doing a review every now and again to check your not wasting electricity – some business save thousands of pound by reducing their electricity use. Get your staff into the habit of turning off lights at night and in unused rooms, and make sure all computers are completely powered down when not in use. Things like energy saving lightbulbs can also save considerable amounts of money in larger companies.

Finally, it’s important to choose your supplier wisely – energy companies offer competitive rates and packages to businesses at the moment, but this can differ depending on the type of business you have. Search around for good packages and always explain your business fully, including the size of your office, the number of staff and the kind of equipment and computers you’re using –  someone might just have a package that’s right for your company’s current circumstances.

So remember, if you’re thinking you might need to switch gas and electricity supplier for your business, just write a list and justify your current contract under five headings: usage, size, tariff, efficiency and company. You might just come to some interesting conclusions.

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