Slow wind farm planning in Wales

Large energy companies are warning that the slow procedures required to set up a wind farm in Wales is hampering the chances of developing renewable energy in the country.

Companies such as Scottish Power claim that planning applications are not processed quickly enough and other companies are stating that they are unsure of the government’s stance on green energy.

The energy company SSE has also raised concerns about the trials attached to setting up a wind farm in Wales, saying that it was ‘more complicated’ than other parts of the UK. The company also said that the Welsh government must provide a ‘stable and predictable environment for investment’ if it is to attract energy companies to the country.

Both energy companies and government ministers have called for the Welsh government to clarify their policies and procedures for renewable energy firms working within the country – in case the country loses the investment and energy companies take their busines overseas.

Research conducted last year showed that wind power is generating around £120 million and employing nearly 789 people in Wales.

Here at Greener Power, we are of course in favour of Wales producing more renewable energy. Would you like to see more renewable energy companies in Wales?

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