UK to invest in green energy… Or are we?

Britain’s Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has came out fighting this week criticising those who he claims are “are decrying the UK’s potential for renewable power.”

The UK has set its sights on being the European market leaders for offshore wind and the top destination for marine energy investment.

Mr Huhne was speaking at an energy industry conference this week when he stated that there is a general agreement between Westminster’s three main parties that steps need to be taken to make the UK a more attractive destination for renewable energy investment.

Mr Huhne mentioned the £1.7bn which had been committed last year as evidence of the UK’s potential for projects and growth.

However there are some parties showing concern at the Energy Secretary’s plan to put all Britains eggs in one basket regarding spending billions of pounds on what are still extremely expensive technologies and it just cannot be justified in the current economic climate.

It appears that the two key figures involved are Chris Huhne and George Osborne who unfortunately are both pulling in different directions – Huhne is definitely putting forward a strong case for investment in renewables however Osborne seems to be trying to cut him off at every turn and denying the proposed benefits of investment.

One can only hope that both parties have the UK’s best interests at heart.

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