New turbines – Blowing into town….

The wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has claimed it could be building a new factory in the UK next year. However construction of the factory is dependent upon getting a sufficient amount of orders for their new offshore 7MW V164 wind turbine.

It is believed that Vestas have already secured a site should the move go ahead. The new factory will be based at a massive 70 hectare plot in Kent.
Initial figures have shown that if Vestas can get the required orders in place, and the project gets the green light it could create upwards of 1800 jobs and be finished within a year. This would allow Vestas to begin production before 2015, which is when the new batch of wind farms is set to begin construction.

The company is understood to already be in discussions with current and potential clients about securing the orders and investments that would allow them to give the whole project the go-ahead.

The actual proposal from Vestas has come as a bit of a shock to some, due to the company somewhat controversially closing down an Isle of Wight turbine blade factory in 2009. However since that closure the company has actually stepped up their financial backing for a number of research and development facilities, interestingly one of them happens to be a large facility on the Isle of Wight. Yet if it goes ahead the facility in Kent will still be the first actual turbine manufacturing facility in the UK.

Vestas are said to be positive regarding the proposed plan. As even with the current financial uncertainties surrounding Europe, the company are expecting orders to be in the region of around 7.000 to 8000 MW.

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