Energy companies on Twitter

Now that internet technology everywhere because of smartphones, it means that the way we interact with the people in our lives in a much more sophisticated way than we used to – prior to smartphones,  texts replaced phone calls in a lot of instances – why call to say you’ll be late when you can text, for instance – and now there are newer platforms for human interaction such as Twitter – I even had a colleague once post on Twitter that his train was delayed so he’d be in the office later than usual – it’s an instant and (reasonably) reliable form of communication.

Lately a lot of companies have started using Twitter to interact with customers – some of the time it’s used by firms as purely a promotional device, whereas others use it for more customer care/ customer services type of communications. I’ve even used Twitter myself once – to ask the cable TV company something about the T&Cs on their contracts – got an answer immediately and all was good.

Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of energy companies on Twitter, not just in the UK but around the world. As a Twitter user I think this is useful because due to the way Twitter works, all I’ll recieve in my news feed is what the info the compnay is putting out there for everybody – but at the same time they can communicate with people individually e.g. if there’s an issue with a meter reading or whatever. So, Mrs X of Swansea can contact the company and they can answer her, but the only thing my Twitter will show is that there’s a promotion happening or some energy news.

Twitter – do you think it’s going to play a part in green energy?

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