Electricity savings from greener smarter metering

The government’s estimated figure for the average  household savings from smart meters: £23, according to today’s Guardian.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be saving more than that though – £23 is just £1.92 a month. So that would mean it’d take 43 years to save a grand.

£1.92 a month could be saved by judicious use of the washing machine (economy cycles, lower temps etc) not overfilling the kettle, and making sure the oven isn’t used to heat up a solitary steak pie.

Of course even if the savings are modest, they’re better than no savings ata all: and smart metering takes the guesswork out of this saving exercise. Expect many threads on the Money Saving Expert site about various appliances and which ones are the cheapest to run.

Potential public interest via Money Saving Expert, consumer programmes, blogs and so on could really be  starting to make the leading manufacturers think about what to do in response. When you think of how heated the arguments used to get about whether an Intel dual core chip was faster than an AMD Athlon, it’s obvious that people like to get detailed about technical stuff. My fridge is more energy economical thatn your fridge, etc.

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