Red shift – green shoots?

So the Labour Party has a new leader. And it’s often just as important who is in apposition as who’s in power. Ed Miliband might not have been the most obvious choice – especially given that he wasn’t the rank-and-file party members’ choice. But he won and they’re stuck with him for the time being. I think he may well turn out to be a good leader of the party though – David Miliband was too much of a ready-made successor to Blair, whereas Ed seems pretty original by comparison.

Not that I ever vote in general elections, but I’m glad to see that both the PM and the leader of the opposition appear to be reasonable and intelligent people. It might mean that we really do end up with no more ya-boo politics.Well, of course it won’t – but I do detect that there’s a bit more common ground and a bit more mutual respect than there was in the days of Thatcher versus Kinnock.

It’s too early yet to see how green Miliband’s policies will be. My guess is that he’ll be broadly in favour of anything that creates jobs for people, and that as a result he will be sympathetic towards renewable energy. What I don’t expect from Miliband is resistance to renewables.

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