Sustainability watchdog muzzled…?

Some less than great news in the forom of inevitable government cutbacks – no more funding for the Sustainable Development Commission, according to BBC News.

The government understandably needs to reduce the deficit, but they also need to reduce carbon output, so will the decision have an adverse effect on the environment. Given the promises that it was going to be ‘the greenest government ever’, one would certainly hope not.

I just hope any bonfire of the quangos doesn’t cause so much smoke to get in the government’s eyes that they can’t see in front of them.


  1. Chris said

    There are a lot of Quangos set up by the previous government, that either were pretty inept, or failed to deliver on their promises. I think that some of them should go, if this one in particular was delivering on its early promises and strategies, then it is a shame. But I need proof that it was not all smoke and mirrors?

  2. Why is it that government cutbacks always end up threatening the most vital issues?

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