Green Energy with Wind Farms

Wind power rules

Win farm

Win farm

Once again our topic of the day is wind power, with the threat of global warming getting realer every day there is more and more and pressure being put on our governments who in return are looking for new ideas and putting pressure on the bigger countries who seem to think they will be immune to the global problem.
The UK is heading in the right direction and once again are leading the industrialiazed world by creating more and more green electricity than ever before, with more find farms getting approval and are making a bigger percentage of the energy we use week by week, With the strong winds that blow across our Kingdom we will never need any other source if we can tap into it and capture the energy it brings with it, Wind farms is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world at the moment and is getting bigger by the day, The next step is building the off shore wind farms that you would have been hearing about over the last year or two, With the new found technology being used in the turbines they are not only producing green energy but are also doing it at competitive prices against the traditional energy sources like coal and nuclear power stations.

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