Debunking Green Power Myths

Ten Technologies to Save the Planet‘ author Chris Goodall posted an excellent article in his Guardian Blog last week. Titled ‘The 10 big energy myths‘, Goodall tackles each ‘myth’ with his usual degree of insight and provides compelling reasons to debunk each. The ten myths that he focussed on are:

  1. Solar power is too expensive to be of much use
  2. Wind power is too unreliable
  3. Marine energy is a dead-end
  4. Nuclear power is cheaper than other low-carbon sources of electricity
  5. Electric cars are slow and ugly
  6. Biofuels are always destructive to the environment
  7. Climate change means we need more organic agriculture
  8. Zero carbon homes are the best way of dealing with greenhouse gas emissions from buildings
  9. The most efficient power stations are big
  10. All proposed solutions to climate change need to be hi-tech

The article is a very refreshing read. It is great to have someone as eloquent as Goodall fighting for the green energy cause. Enjoy.

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