UK Government creates new Energy and Climate Change Department

A desperate bid to win green votes or a pioneering move to tackle climate change?

In the latest Cabinet Reshuffle Gordon Brown has created a new Energy and Climate Change Department, to be headed up by Ed Milliband. This has to be seen as a positive move, as the previous line of climate change responsilbility was always rather conveniently blurred between DEFRA and BEER. Now there can be no doubt as to where blame will be apportioned if the green energy message doesn’t begin to make a significant impression. At the very least we can look forward to a slew of new energy initiatives and announcements over the coming weeks. We will be watching with interest.


  1. UK Voter said

    Are you sure this isn’t just window dressing? They get £37bn a year in green taxes, how much of this is put back into green initiatives? I think this government is simply paying lip service to public opinion, they just see ‘green’ issues as a tax revenue opportunity, the other parties are not much better. Many people I know believe that climate is being used to generate tax and that it is not being taken seriously, unless or until we see politicians invest a good proportion of the revenues collected, how can we believe anything else?

  2. […] in the BBC report are EEA Graphs which detail the scale of the task ahead for the new UK Deptartment of Energy and Climate Change. Due to starting from a low initial renewable energy base, the UK has to increase its capacity more […]

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