The Environmental Impact of Bottled Water

I’m going to run off on a bit of a tangent from our normal theme and am looking to get some help about writing a blog post to do with the Environmental Impact of Bottled Water. On Monday it would appear that there will be a broadcast going out on BBC1s Panorama program about this subject.

From our core topic I’m really hoping to get pointed to some articles/blogs etc that contain information on the whole bottling process and how much energy could be saved by bottled water companies re-using their bottles.

If you have any info about the bottling, production, environmental impact or relating energy consumption used in the production of bottled spring and mineral water I would be really grateful to get some info.

Cheers in advance.


  1. […] a query started over on a Green Power blog about the “environmental impact of bottled water“, the authors ask just that. Is there a big impact? Can it be made smaller? Bottled mineral […]

  2. Michael said

    hey gvuys did you see taht thing that the BBC Panorama program did on this the other night? Was pretty low quality but had some stats that you may be able to use.

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